Armada Solar is a Canadian owned brand of 12 volt off grid solar panels. Our products are currently used in off grid applications such as RV, Marine, remote site, and agriculture. For more information please feel free to contact us or browse our products for information and specifications. 



We are not affiliated with the former company Armada Solar of Australia



Armada RV Solar Kits are designed to be mounted to the roof of your RV. All of our RV kits have a 25 year warranty on the solar panels and 3-5 years on the charge controller. The charge controllers have digital displays so you can always see what's happening with your system. Wire and hardware are also included in every kit.



armada portable folding solar panels

Armada Portable Folding Panels provide a portable alternative to standard RV solar kits. They are just as efficient and durable as conventional panels, but fold up into a carrying bag. They come ready to go with a built on waterproof regulator and easy to connect cables. 

*Product update - All Armada portable solar panels now come with MPPT waterproof charge controllers! This will boost the charge rate by approximately 20%!

ARM-100FL Back.png


Weighing just under 31LBS, the ARM-100FL is a very manageable unit but still charges at an impressive 5.56 Amps. 



The ARM-150FL is a 2 piece panel like the ARM-100FL, but slightly taller and about 5 pounds heavier. It charges at about 8.33 Amps for those needing more power.



The biggest of the Armada portable folding panels, the ARM-200FL is a 3 piece unit that charges at an incredible 11.1 Amps! Very impressive for a portable unit!

*Product update - The ARM-200FL has been changed to a two piece unit as of June 2017.

Smaller solar panels

Smaller Armada Solar Panels offer great value for those who need solar power but have limited space, those who need a maintainer for their batteries, or those with smaller projects requiring less power. These panels have the same high quality aluminum frames as their larger counterparts and the same 25 year warranty!

Small modules.jpg

ARM-5, 10, 20

ARM-5:   5W - 0.3A   8.25" x 9.9"

ARM-10:  10W - 0.5A  13.7" x 9.9"

ARM-20:  20W - 1.1A  17.6" x 14.2"


ARM-30, ARM-40

ARM-30:  30W - 1.7A  17.7" x 21.8"

ARM-40:  40W - 2.1A  31.4" x 14.2"

Large panel.jpg

ARM-50, ARM-100

ARM-50:  50W - 2.6A   21.3" x 26.6"

ARM-100: 100W - 5.3A  40.6" x 26.6"


Armada Flex Panels are a perfect solution for those that want the benefits of a solar system but have limited surface area to mount conventional solar panels. They can be mounted to virtually any surface by adhesives or screws and will bend to allow installation on curved surfaces. They are extremely lightweight and are as durable as standard Armada solar products. There are 3 models to choose from, arriving late September 2017.

Flex panel.png


The ARM-FLEX50 is a compact, almost perfectly square sized flexible module measuring 22.2" x 21.4". It has an output of 2.8 amps.

MSRP - $299.95


The ARM-FLEX50L is a rectangular version of the ARM-FLEX50. It has the same output but measures 44.4" x 11.4". 

MSRP - $299.95


The ARM-FLEX100 is our highest output flex panel. It has an output of 5.65 amps and measures 42" x 21.6".

MSRP - $449.95

FREquently asked questions


"will armada solar products withstand hail and ice?"

This is one of the questions we get asked most frequently and the answer is, YES! All of our solar products are tested against hail, ice, and anything else that mother nature can throw at them. Just as important, the warranty covers hail and ice damage.


"Which is better, monocrystalline or polycrystalline?"

Another popular question but this one doesn't have an easy answer. There are many blogs and articles that suggest that one is better than the other. In actual fact the two are so close in quality and production that it isn't worth distinguishing between them in most applications. Monocrystalline has higher peak values which gives it a slightly high efficiency rating but it is minimal. Side by side, over the course of a year a similar quality monocrystalline panel and polycrystalline panel will have very similar production. These are the two premier types of solar panels and will typically last over 30 years!


"I'm interested in a portable solar kit and one that mounts to  my roof. how do i decide which one is right for me?"

To start, both systems are very good quality, have similar warranties, and operate very much the same. There are pro's and con's to both systems. If we high-lite the advantages and disadvantages of both, hopefully it will make your decision easier.

Portable Folding Kit


  • You can move it throughout the day to avoid shade and maximize production.
  • No installation costs.
  • If you sell your RV, you can keep your solar kit.
  • If you have more than one RV you can use it with both.
  • You can use it to charge other batteries at home or for other projects.


  • Vulnerable to theft.
  • No expansion (other than buying another complete kit)
  • Requires some work to set up compared to a permanently mounted panel
  • Does not work well for keeping batteries maintained while in a storage lot (due to theft).

Standard RV Solar Kit


  • No need to set anything up once it's installed.
  • Most kits allow for expansion.
  • Very hard to steal.
  • Great for maintaining batteries while in storage (outdoors only).


  • If parked in the shade there is no ability to move the panel.
  • Installation costs.
  • If you sell your RV, chances are the solar is going with it.


"Can I buy your products on your website"

No, unfortunately our products are not available for purchase on our website. We have a large network of reputable dealers that we encourage customers to visit or call. If you have interest in any of our products please email us through the contact page and we will gladly refer you to a dealer in your area. We will be adding an authorized dealer page shortly to showcase our dealers and their locations.


We will be adding more content to this page over time. If you have a question that we have not addressed please feel free to email us through the contact page. We'd love to hear from you!



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