Armada RV Solar Kits are designed to be mounted to the roof of your RV. All of our RV kits have a 25 year warranty on the solar panels and 3-5 years on the charge controller. The charge controllers have digital displays so you can always see what's happening with your system. Wire and hardware are also included in every kit.



The brain of every solar system is the charge controller. Armada controllers are loaded with features and priced very competitively. There’s no need to sacrifice quality to get the features you need at a price you can afford! Backed with 3 year warranties on the PWM and 5 year warranties on the MPPT! All Armada controllers work with virtually every battery type, including lithium!



The ARC-30 is a 30 Amp PWM flush-mount controller ideal for RV and Marine applications. It will work with 12V and 24V systems, has several different display options and will work with virtually any type of battery, including Lithium! There are 2 models available, the ARC-30 which is white and the ARC-30BK which is black.

ARC20-MPPT with box.png


Fantastic value for an MPPT controller! This controller has too many features to mention. Will work with 12 and 24V systems and has an input voltage rating of 100V. Great size, great price and great value!

ARC30-MPPT with box.png


This controller has all the features of the ARC20-MPPT but has a 30 Amp capacity. It is also slightly bigger in size.

ARC40-MPPT with box.png


This controller also has all the features of the ARC20-MPPT but has a 40 Amp capacity. It is the same size as the ARC30-MPPT but has a 40 amp capacity.

ARC60-MPPT with box.png


This controller has even more features and will allow up to 150V input! This is an extremely versatile controller that will work with 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems! Price compare with other 60 Amp MPPT controller s and you’ll be thrilled with the ARC60-MPPT!



These remote meters work with all ARC series MPPT Armada Controllers. All of the information from the main controller’s display is displayed on the meter which can be mounted conveniently away from the controller on a wall or using the box provided. There is a standard meter (ARC-REM) and a bluetooth model (ARC-REMBT). The bluetooth model enables you to view all the data on your phone or other smart device!



Armada Portable Folding Panels provide a portable alternative to standard RV solar kits. They are just as efficient and durable as conventional panels, but fold up into a carrying bag. They come ready to go with a built on waterproof charge controller and easy to connect cables. All 3 models now come with the new ARC-2420 MPPT controller! This is an extremely high end controller for a portable solar unit! It will boost the charge output by up to 25%! There are 2 new accessories that are compatible with this controller. The AR-RM-6 plug in meter and the AR-BT-2 bluetooth receiver. The AR-RM-6 is a meter that easily plugs into the controller to give you access to all the system information and make changes to battery type easily. The AR-BT-2 gives you the same access but through an APP that you download on your phone or other smart device. Both devices are also waterproof so you can either leave them attached all the time or plug them in when needed.

ARM-100FL small.png


Weighing just 18LBS, the ARM-100FL is a very manageable unit but still charges at an impressive 6.8 Amps max! 



The ARM-140FL is a 2 piece panel like the ARM-100FL, but slightly heavier at 22 pounds. It charges at about 9.5 Amps max for those needing more power.



The biggest of the Armada portable folding panels, the ARM-200FL is a 32 pound unit that charges at an incredible 13.6 Amps! Very impressive for a portable unit!

The ARC-MC2420 controller. Now comes standard on every Armada portable folding solar kit.

The ARC-MC2420 controller. Now comes standard on every Armada portable folding solar kit.



Armada Flex Panels are a perfect solution for those that want the benefits of a solar system but have limited surface area to mount conventional solar panels. They can be mounted to virtually any surface by adhesives or screws and will bend to allow installation on curved surfaces. They are extremely lightweight and are as durable as standard Armada solar products. There are 3 models to choose from, arriving late September 2017.

Flex panel.png


The ARM-FLEX50 is a compact, almost perfectly square sized flexible module measuring 22.2" x 21.4". It has an output of 2.8 amps.

MSRP - $299.95


The ARM-FLEX50L is a rectangular version of the ARM-FLEX50. It has the same output but measures 44.4" x 11.4". 

MSRP - $299.95


The ARM-FLEX100 is our highest output flex panel. It has an output of 5.65 amps and measures 42" x 21.6".

MSRP - $449.95


Smaller Armada Solar Panels offer great value for those who need solar power but have limited space, those who need a maintainer for their batteries, or those with smaller projects requiring less power. These panels have the same high quality aluminum frames as their larger counterparts and the same 25 year warranty!

Small modules.jpg

ARM-5, 10, 20

ARM-5:   5W - 0.3A   8.25" x 9.9"

ARM-10:  10W - 0.5A  13.7" x 9.9"

ARM-20:  20W - 1.1A  17.6" x 14.2"


ARM-30, ARM-40

ARM-30:  30W - 1.7A  17.7" x 21.8"

ARM-40:  40W - 2.1A  31.4" x 14.2"

Large panel.jpg

ARM-50, ARM-100

ARM-50:  50W - 2.6A   21.3" x 26.6"

ARM-100: 100W - 5.3A  40.6" x 26.6"